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Woodvale Challenge are the world leaders of Ocean Rowing. We are dedicated to promoting the sport of ocean rowing through constant review and improvement in order to provide the best opportunity for ocean rowers to safely achieve their goals.

We have over 14 years of ocean rowing experience and our team have a combined experience spanning over 40 years in the sport with numerous successful ocean rows to our credit. Within our team we have the experience of organising 5 ocean rowing races and are proud to have assisted in excess of 200 people to undertake an ocean row.

Woodvale Challenge have built over 36 ocean rowing boats and our proven boat designs hold the majority of the worlds ocean rowing records.

We jealously guard our unrivalled safety record and are proud to have made ocean rowing an achievable challenge. No other company or organisation in the world has more ocean rowing knowledge or experience.

"When experience counts - you can count on our experience"

Our staff our passionately committed to the sport of ocean rowing and aim to encourage and support everyone who comes to us whether they are competing in one of our races or whether they want to go it alone.

We have built and supported more boats and people safely across oceans than anyone else in the world and we intend to keep the list of successful crossings growing and growing.

No one in the world has more experience of organising Ocean Rowing Races - or has a better track record - so contact us for more information.

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Gemma Campbell


Woodvale Ocean LTD
Baltic Wharf, St.Peters Quay

Tel: 07864288610

Ben Thackwray


Woodvale Ocean LTD
2 Sunnybank Court
LS19 7UF

Tel: 07834875669



    Contact Us

    Woodvale Ocean Ltd

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