Works Teams

Successfully trialled alongside the 2007 Atlantic Rowing Race, Woodvale Challenge can now offer a unique experience for prospective ocean rowers in the form of their latest development - Woodvale Challenge Works Teams.

Woodvale Challenge race entrants already hold the majority of ocean rowing records in existence and setting up Works Teams is a natural next step for the company and sport as a whole. Works Teams are planned to run alongside all of the forthcoming Woodvale Challenge races, and there will be additional opportunities to set new records across other routes.


The Concept

Works Teams will be made up of composite crews - individuals selected to form a strong and cohesive rowing team capable of making and breaking world records. Rowers will be able to apply for places and pay a single fee (using a Pay per Place scheme) to cover the cost of getting the crew and boat to the start line.

It is an ideal solution for adventurous people who may be unable to devote the time or running their own ocean rowing campaign, or who are looking for a more cost effective alternative.

There are a number of innovative Works Team projects underway, and this concept offers individuals the opportunity to join in and be involved at the cutting edge of ocean rowing, with the added incentive of providing rowers with the adventure of a lifetime and the chance to set new speed records for rowing oceans.


Teams can be all male, all female or mixed and anyone is welcome to apply to take part in this exclusive initiative. Boats are available for teams carrying from four to 12 rowers, providing plenty of opportunity for new records to be set and existing records to be broken.

Rowers must undergo extensive training in sea survival skills, remote first aid and navigation before they can qualify to enter an ocean rowing race. Ocean rowers come from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds, and successful rowers come in all shapes and sizes - from Olympic athletes to students, professionals to parents.

The Works Team concept provides ordinary individuals with the extraordinary opportunity to take on a once in lifetime challenge and push themselves beyond their mental and physical limits. It's a life changing experience.

There are still places available for the next Works Team record attempts, so if you are interested, please contact the Woodvale Challenge office as soon as possible.


Woodvale Challenge rowing boats are unassisted which means that teams must be self-sufficient from start to finish. They must carry with them all of the equipment and supplies they will need for their journey, and use a desalinator to turn sea water into drinking water. Any outside assistance, or for instance, receiving goods from passing ships would result in reclassifying the record attempt.

For Works Teams rowing at the same time as a race, there will be Race Support vessels on the water, to keep a check on the race teams and provide essential safety back up for any of the rowers as and when it's needed.

To enter one of our speed record attempts please contact Gemma on 01803 868150 / and read more here.

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