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For the first time Woodvale Challenge is offering shipping services to both race entrants and independent rowers alike. Our shipping partner is a company called PA Freight. They have shipped more ocean rowing boats than any other company.

Packages including insurance, customs clearances, transport to and from port of clearance, packing, lifting and the unique "2 in a box" principal that was developed originally by PA.

Shipping is a very important part of your ocean rowing campaign. Often imitated - there is no service offered that compares to PA Freight. All the boat preperations are complete, the boat is ready to row and often this element is handed to individuals that have no knowledge of the shipping of rowing boats. Many boats gets damaged in transit or simply get stuck in customs for weeks waiting for the correct clearances. At the final port destination, they are often placed on tyres in a non-secure compound. The shipping packages protect your asset, cause less stress and at the final port location - make sure the boat gets safely re-packed and sent home.

If you are not shipping a trailer (which normally means you have to pay to send a trailer home), PA Freight make purpose made cradles to keep your boat secure.

At the port of destination, the cradles are delivered before your boat reaches the port. The boat is safely moved from the water, lifted onto cradles and re-packed into the waiting containers.

Shipping services can be offered to all ports of departure and return from all ports of completion. Woodvale Challenge in co-ordination with PA Freight specialise in shipping services to La Gomera, Antiqua, Barbados, New York, St John's Canada, Perth Australia and can also deal with Choshi Japan and Lima Peru.

These services are availible to race rowers independent teams - please contact our office for further information and a detailed quotation.



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