Solo Teams



Andrew Brown

United Kingdom

Charity : Help a london child

Website: www.rowtheatlantic.com


Tommy Tippetts

United Kingdom


The main focus of this race is to support a cause that is very close to Tommy.

This race puts a great amount of emphasis on mental strength. The ability to keep going under a great amount of strain and pressure is at the core of this challenge. It is fitting then that he has chosen to support a charity that is all about mental strength...




Pairs Class


Ole Elmer and Michael Majgaard


Team Amigo


Hi my name is Ole this is my third row with Woodvale in 2 years!My first row was with my best friend and brother in law Brian Heron Olsen, which took 97 days and was a real eye opener for both of us but a really fantastic experience which we will think of for years to come.  One thing is that your first row will all ways be like you first love - unforgettable. 


Then I rowed with an old friend Serge Rotheli in 2011, which was a solo row not part of an event but an independent row , again this was a very good trip with amazing wind and weather and we just got blown right across in a hurry! Everything was in our favour, we had very strong winds and very favourable conditions, this row was my way to stay in shape for my third row - this row took 56 days rowing to Barbados . 


This time I am rowing with Michael, my son and I have invited my nephew, Wayne who will be rowing with James Denniston a rower from the first race.  They will be rowing in Boogie Woogie I will be rowing in Amigo, both new boats with one crossing each, but fully restored , and both build by Woodvale boat builders and according to them, these boats are some of the best build boats ever. 

One thing about ocean rowing…..nobody goes home empty handed!


Good luck to all of you and see you in La Gomera at the Marlin. By the way, the new rower drink now is Fernet and Coke free at the Marlin! 

Ole Elmer


My name is Michael and I was born in Canada but am of Danish descent.  In 1980, I moved to Denmark for 7 years but returned to Canada when I was 12.  In 2009, I got married and one year later we had a son. Now my wife is pregnant with our second child I'll find out whether I have a baby daughter or another son on the Ocean!   Ole and I are going on this adventure together.  I have known him for over 20 years, and we've gone on numerous bike trips across Baja California. As much as those trips were difficult, I'm sure they won't compare to the challenge of crossing the Atlantic.  But, as they say, "no pain, no gain". However, before I'm ready to go, I'll need to acquire a lot of knowledge and skills that will help minimize the risks and allow me to persevere through the difficult times.  I'm sure that whatever I learn while crossing the ocean will also benefit me in my life as I take on the challenge of being a dad to two small children.  In spite of what's ahead, I'm very excited about going on this physically and emotionally challenging journey. It's something that most people don't get to do, and I feel very lucky that Ole has invited me to go along with him.  I certainly would never have dreamt of doing this on my own. It's definitely an opportunity of a lifetime. I can't wait!  


Helena and Richard Smalman-Smith


United Kingdom

Tiger Team www.atlanticdouble.net Charities - St Mungo's / Huntingdon's Disease Association

Why do we want to row across the Atlantic? As incurable rowers (by the start of the race we'll have over 50 years experience between us and we're not THAT old), we've done our fair share of going to interesting places and rowing in them, and an ocean is the ultimate next step. So this is less of a race for us and more of an ocean safari.


James Dennistoun & Wayne Dueck

UK / Canada

Team Boogie Woogie



My name is James Dennistoun and I was born in France in 1979, but have lived most of my life in Worthing, England.  I participated in the 2009 Atlantic Rowing Race together with my friend Sam Langmead and it was here I met the Boogie Woogie family for the first time - now I am a member! I completed the race with Sam in 86 days in our boat HOTW. The boat is built in timber and has crossed the ocean four times, almost a legend... The boat is for sale by the way! It is not only on the water that I seek adventures - In early 2011, I climbed Mount Blanc and I have just been recently biking together with Ole from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I am looking very much forward to row together with Wayne – there will be a lot of laughs onboard – between the pains of course!



My name is Wayne Dueck and I am 30 years old.  I was born on January 14th, 1981 in New Westminister, BC, Canada. I grew up in Port Coquitlam for most of my life and currently live in New Westminster, BC with my recently engaged fiance, Kristin Pollard.   I came about this amazing rowing adventure through my great uncle, Ole Elmer.  Ole has completed this same row twice so far and suggested last year that I give it a try this year.  I was a little hesitant at first, but after a discussion with my family and my girlfriend, and after really thinking about the challenge and how incredible the journey would be, I decided that it was something that I had to do. I have some experience rowing as when I was 20 I used to row with my uncle Ole, but other than that this will be a pretty new experience for me.  I met James, my rowing partner, this past year and feel that we are going to have a great experience rowing the Atlantic together.  It is comforting to know that James has crossed once and is willing to do it again, I guess it can't be that bad. Ha Ha! 

I am really looking forward to those first steps onto Barbados and a nice cold beer.

Tom Fancett & Tom Sauer 

United Kingdom / Dutch-Russian

Charity: The Johan Cruyff Foundation

Website: http://www.teamtomatlanticrow.com


Tom Fancett and Tom Sauer met at college at the age of 16. Since then they have completed numerous challenges together - including several triathlons and kayaking across the Bristol Channel from Wales to Devon and back.


Tom Fancett (UK)

During our final University year, we were both searching for our next step...and wanting to delay honest employment, I mentioned to Tomski that I had long dreamt of attempting some sort of epic journey - such as rowing the Atlantic!  The idea stuck with both of us andnow several months later, we find ourselves putting that dream into reality. People say that it will be a "life changing experience" though to be honest I don't fully understand what that phrase means. I know that I want to test my boundaries and find out what 60 or so days at sea will do. And the chance to raise money for worthy cause of the Johan Cruyff Foundation, knowing the important role that sport has played in my life and the values it instils is a great motivation.


Tom Sauer (Dutch/Russian - hence the nickname "Tomski")

From an early age I have always loved the ocean and spent a considerable amount of time on sailing boats, resulting in me sailing across the Atlantic with my dad. For me rowing an ocean is the culmination of my love and respect for the sea. I am also very conscious of how lucky I was as a kid. I always loved sport and have been able to pursue any sport I wanted. This is why I am very passionate about raising money for a charity that provides sport activities for children with disabilities and for children from less fortunate backgrounds.




Bertie Portal & James Cash

United Kingdom


‘..to raise a large amount of money for an extraordinary charity requires an extraordinary challenge-one that will literally test you to your very limits. This charity is close to my heart and 60 days of heightened physical and indeed mental danger is nothing compared to what these children go through. Crossing the Atlantic will be the culmination of a long held ambition. I can think of no finer test than to come face to face with your fears and having to learn to come to terms with them.’


‘...My reason for choosing this crossing as a way of raising money is simple...because I can. There are many people out there who, for various reasons, are unable to do something like this. Thankfully, I am not one of them. As a fit, strong and healthy chap, I want to take part in something where the challenge is tough and significant enough to warrant the amount of sponsorship I seek. It is a charity so worthy of support: the courage of these children puts us to shame. When looking back over my life, I’d like to be able to see that something I did which challenged my own nerve and strength, made a real difference to others.’



Emil Eide Eriksen and Trond Bratland Erichsen


Website: www.sonneravnorge.no

We want to cross the Atlantic ocean to test ourselves, physically as well as mentally.  With that of course being our main personal goal, this adventure has already grown bigger than we could ever imagine. We hope to reach out to as many people as we can with our campaign, and show that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. The same goes out to the people involved in any way with the national organisation for heart and lung disease, the charity we are supporting - Landsforeningen for Hjerte-og Lungesyke (LHL) www.LHL.no

We also want to wish our friends in the Swedish team good luck with the race. All the best!


 Jamie Windsor and John Haskell

 United Kingdom

Website: http://www.atlanticdash.co.uk 


TEAM ATLANTIC DASH - We are aiming to raise £100,000 for 4 charities, the Fire Fighters Charity, Help for Heroes, Breast Cancer and WRVS. We are 2 serving fire fighters in South Wales and we are also are part of the Fire Service’s International Search and Rescue team (ISAR) that recently helped in the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. Our charities are close to our hearts and are the main motivation for embarking on this adventure.


John has been a rugby prop for the Great Britain Fire Service rugby team, as well as extensive boat and water experience. He has about 13 jokes to last the trip.


Jamie is an international mountaineer/caver, marathon runner and mountain biker, to name a few of the sports he practices. He has heard all of Johns jokes already.


Have a look at our website www.atlanticdash.co.uk and please get in touch if  you would like to speak to us or help us out. We have lots of fundraising events coming up from Welsh Rugby legend dinners to paintballing. All of the details will be posted on the website and everybody is welcome to come.


Please have a look at our promotional video and our news piece:-



Good Luck to all - John and Jamie 


John Higson and Barnaby Mabbs

United Kingdom

Website: http://www.h2row.com


"In short, I am looking to scratch an itch with this race although I am assured it is likely to create more! It was a dream for years and has now become a reality that will hopefully provide a springboard for raising a lot of money for a charity very close to my heart - Cancer Research UK."


"I have always sought to push myself out of my comfort zone and progress to new challenges. Rowing the Atlantic has been an ambition for nearly ten years and it has to be one of the biggest adventure challenges there is! When I found out that John was looking for another crew member, it was an opportunity I could not turn down!"






Viktor Matteson & Fredrik Albelin



We are Fredrik Albelin and Viktor Mattsson from Sweden, and we are a team of two friends rowing in the Atlantic Rowing Race 2011.
We have the goal to be the first pairs boat ever to cross two Oceans, so we will begin with the Atlantic Ocean 2011, and then go for the Indian Ocean in 2013.
Except for the adventure to cross an ocean in a rowing boat, we have also started our own foundation called www.2vanner.se . The mission with the foundation is to help and support young people, with ordinary problems that come from being a youth in the world today.
You can read more on our website www.2vanner.se , and we are also looking forward to see the development of Team Norway. They are the greatest and we are looking forward to a competition across the Atlantic
in December 2011!




Toby Iles & Nick Moore

United Kingdom

 website: www.boxnumber8.com

Both of us have met and read about people who have competed in previous races or rowed across other oceans – and we want to answer three questions:

“What is it really like to row a boat across an ocean?”

“Can ordinary people really do extraordinary things?”

“If other people can, then why can’t we?”

There is, of course, only one way to find out - so having known about the race for quite a few years, we are finally taking the opportunity to stop thinking about answering our questions and to actually go and answer them.


We have both sailed around the world, so we believe that must be a reasonable starting point – we now need to sort out the rowing.

Both of us are compulsive planners (which we think is a good thing, even if it drives others to distraction), but we can do all the planning and preparation in the world and yet we’ll still set off in December 2011 not really knowing what lies ahead … and ultimately that’s the appeal of doing this race.






Fours Class


Team Epoch


Epoch Expeditions has created a mixed gender crew of 4 to compete in this year’s Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race. Our crew is made up of Sonya Baumstein, Rebecca Shapiro, Oliver Levick and Chris Crane. This will be the first ocean rowing attempt by any of the team members. This race marks the beginning of the 400 Challenge for Team Epoch. It is a 400 day/10,000 mile expedition that will serve as a pilot program for Epoch Expeditions. Epoch Expeditions is a new non-profit focused on connecting people with the outdoors through expeditions, advocacy and media. Epoch will be offering guided treks open to the public by 2013 throughout North America. The team are hoping to go for the record of First Mixed 4 to cross the Atlantic and looking at trying to break the the coveted record of Fastest 4 crossing the Atlantic!



Visit http://www.facebook.com/EpochExpeditions and http://teamepoch.org/ for more info on the team and the organisation.


The Corinthians

United Kingdom

Boat: Spirit of Corinth

Charities: ShelterBox http://www.shelterbox.orgbritish/ and British Heart Foundation http://www.bhf.org.uk/

Our Website: http://www.spiritofcorinth.co.uk/

Email: Administrator, Andrew Pocock at spiritofcorinth@btinternet.com

All four of us have individually looked for and accepted an increasing level of challenge in our sporting activity. We are all members of the Lyme Regis Gig Club and have bonded as a team, ready to challenge the elements and raise our personal achievement boundaries.

Chris: “I have been involved in many different sports, in particular,rugby, long distance cycling and running Brian: “I have participated in endurance events such as marathons, mountain marathons, kayaking and cycling”.

Tony: “I have over the years taken part in long distance cycling challenges, played and coached rugby and enjoy trekking in the Himalayas”

Elliot: “I am an ex schools cross country champion and AAA champion who keeps fit cycling and gig rowing”.

Why are we accepting the WoodVale Challenge?

Chris: “One of my lifetime ambitions has been to row the Atlantic.That opportunity is now”. “The challenge awaits”

Brian: “I am keen to fulfil my ambition to always try and achievethe ultimate”

Tony: “I can think of no good reason - I just do – passionately”

Elliot: “When Chris mentioned that he had always wanted to row the Atlantic I felt I had to join him, not a question of why but why not”



Ross Turner, Hugo Turner, Adam Wolley and Greg Symondson

United Kingdom

Email- theatlanticrow@gmail.com

Web- www.theatlantic4.com

Charity- Spinal Research


Ross Turner

Form a young age I have always wanted to achieve something great in sport. There is a great tradition in my family of representing their country, and rowing the Atlantic is my way of achieving my dream.

When Hugo broke his neck it had a massive affect on me. In hospital he was the only person to walk away that week, and looking at all the young people there made me feel immensely sad. From then I have had a desire to help these people in some way and doing the row for Spinal Research is the best way to getting those with paralysis walking again!

It will be the hardest thing in the world to do but absolutely can’t wait for the start!

Hugo Turner

Having sustained a spinal injury four years ago, my sporting career was put on hold for the best part of two years. Many of the sports that I enjoyed before my injury I can no longer take part in. This has therefore left a huge void in my life.

Since my injury, Spinal Research has been a charity that I have become very passionate in supporting as they fund pioneering research for the effective treatment of spinal injury. Their work is invaluable to the 40,000 people who are affected by spinal injuries and in supporting their families.

Rowing the Atlantic will be a personnel mile stone for me as this would see a void in my life fulfilled.

Greg Symondson

Ever since I started rowing at the age of thirteen I have revelled in the experience of pushing myself to the limits of physical exertion. I live for the thrill of working at the very limits of my physical ability and overcoming the mental obstacles that such difficulties throw my way.

For me, the Atlantic represents the culmination of years of training, and it has been a goal of mine since I first heard of the event five years ago.

Taking part in the race will be a dream come true for me, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take part in such an awe inspiring event.

Adam Wolley

This year I completed my dream of cycling from London to Cape Town and as much as I fought it something big had to follow! When you’re cycling, even when solo there are often opportunities to take a break when the going gets tough. At the same time the world around you is constantly changing, providing distraction from the pain and exhaustion. Being someone that shares Greg’s fascination with what my body and mind can achieve when put to the test I wanted my next endurance challenge to be something that I couldn't take a break from.

Some might say that’s hugely unhealthy but I think it sounds like the (2nd) trip of a lifetime!


Open Class

Row For Freedom

United Kingdom

Website: www.rowforfreedom.com

Row For Freedom will be the first all six female team to row across the Atlantic. They are also aiming to be the fastest! The team are rowing to raise awareness about the horrendous crime of human trafficking and support a campaign with the charity ECPAT UK (End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking) to ask the UK Government to provide a system of guardianship for child victims of trafficking. They aim to raise £1 million for humantrafficking charities ECPAT UK and The A21 Campaign.  The team comprises of Julia Immonen, Andrea Quigley, Debbie Beadle, Katie Pattison-Hart, Kate Richardson and Helen Leigh.


"We are aiming for two world record attempts and want to raise as much awareness and money as we can for the cause of human trafficking which we are so passionate about. It is absolutely appalling that millions of people are still being trapped and exploted through this modern day slavery"

Row2RecoveryBeyond injury, achieving the extraordinary

Website: www.row2recovery.com

United Kingdom Row2Recovery is a campaign to raise £1million in support of injured service personnel and their families as they seek to rebuild their lives. Row2Recovery aims to challenge perceptions of disability while inspiring injured service personnel, and civilians with disabilities, to go beyond injury and achieve the extraordinary. Four severely injured service personnel will team up with two former British Army commanders Ed Janvrin and Alex Mackenzie in rowing the Atlantic in December – over 3,000 miles in around 60 days, a feat undertaken by fewer people than have been into Space.


The six man team will complete the row as part of the Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race which starts on Dec 4th 2011 from Gran Canaria and finishes in Barbados in approx Feb 2012. They aim to use rowing across the Atlantic to highlight what severely injured service men and women are capable of achieving. Through this challenge the team have set themselves a number of objectives which include raising £1 million to help support those who need it most. Row2Recovery has identified three service charities to support: SSAFA Forces Help, Help for Heroes and ABF, The soldier’s Charity. Through a variety of initiatives set up by these organisations, they plan to leave a lasting legacy of support for injured service personnel and their families.   


Ed Janvrin - Co-FounderEd spent eight years in the Gurkhas, serving once in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. He left the army in 2008 deeply impacted by his experiences and compelled to help the men and women who had served alongside him. Ed joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as a business consultant in 2008.


Alex Mackenzie - Co-FounderAlex served in the Parachute Regiment for six years, completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he was mentioned in Despatches for leadership. He left the army in 2008 but never forgot the inspirational lessons he learnt from the troops he fought alongside. He now works for global business performance consultancy firm McKinney Rogers. 


The four crew members joining Ed and Alex will be:

Corporal Daniel “Baz” Whittingham: Baz was blown up by a Taliban IED on January 6, 2009 in Sangin, Afghanistan – a date now tattooed across his left forearm. Another across his ribcage reads: “The measure of a man is his ability to rise again.” The 25-year-old was a member of 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment of the Royal Logistics Corps when he was struck. The explosion broke his back and pelvis, both ankles and heels and his lung collapsed.  Infection set into his left ankle and he was forced to have his left leg amputated below the knee on Remembrance Day, 2010.

Lieutenant Will Dixon: Will, 27, was blown up by an IED 10 days before Christmas 2009, in Sangin, Afghanistan.He was a platoon commander with the 3rd Battalion The Rifles and surgeons at Camp Bastion performed a below knee amputation on his left leg. He phoned home and explained to his parents he had “picked up a bit of an injury”.

Corporal Neil Heritage: Neil was a member of the Royal Signals bomb disposal team in Iraq when a suicide bomber detonated a device yards from where he was standing. It was November 2004 and his wife was six weeks pregnant with the couple’s second child. Neil needed a double above-knee amputation and doctors initially predicted he would never walk again. Neil, 30, is now a school athletics coach and a keen endurance athlete.

Lance Corporal Carl Anstey: Carl was hit by the blast from a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, in January 2009. It was one day after his 24th birthday. Carl, now 26, was a member of 1st Battalion, the Rifles. The damage from shrapnel shattered his femur and severed his sciatic nerve. Surgery left him with a right leg almost two inches shorter than the left and he needs a leg brace to walk. 


As part of the training build-up, the team have already led a diverse group of people consisting of injured troops, celebrities, general public and GB rowers to row one million metres on rowing machines over 24 hours at Horse Guards Parade in London. The Million Metre Row was one of a number of events the team will participate in, which also includes the Great River Race, to combine raising the profile of the campaign with some valuable training time ahead of their epic trip. Row2Recovery is proud to be partnered with and supported by BP. The team needs your help and support. 

You can follow their progress online via www.row2recovery.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/row2recovery

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/row2recovery

 You can donate to help these amazing men achieve their goal.

Go to: www.bmycharity.com/charities.row2recovery





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